Stiller Actions

Stiller precision is based in Wylie, TX and has a run of about 400 actions per month.  They are one of the largest action manufacturers in America and as such have some of the widest selections of actions in the industry.  Currently, they are only producing actions with Remington 700 footprints.  Stiller actions are great platforms to build hunting or tactical actions on and their P1000 has performed decently in competitions.

If you want a full Texas rifle build on a Stiller Action, Shilen Barrel, Jewell Trigger, and Shurley Brothers Stock.  All components made in the great state of TEXAS!!!

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Various Profiles

Stiller Precision has some of the most diverse action line ups in the industry.  They have several that work as Remington 700 drop-ins as well as a few flat bottom benchrest actions that are similar to the Kelbly Panda.


With their hunting actions starting just under $1000.00, the Stiller Predator and TAC series offer a nice starting point for your custom build.  Why buy a Remington 700 and have it trued when the Stiller lines of actions have already been trued and are often times cheaper than a trued Remington 700.

Hunter / Tactical

For now Stiller precision is only offering their Remington 700 drop in actions for sale.  They have hunting, tactical and benchrest actions within this platform for sale.  If you want a competition action, look toward the P1000.  Shooting in a PRS match, the Predator, TAC, or Spectre actions are your ticket.  Varmint hunters looking for a single shot precision action have the Predator V to fit the bill.

Predator V

The Predator V is a Right Bolt, Left Port only action and is geared toward varmint hunting or benchrest shooting.  It has a slightly tighter fit than a standard Predator and comes with a larger bolt handle.  Prices starts at $1025.00

Predator / Tac Series

The Predator / TAC lines are an exact replica of the Remington 700 only trued and properly blueprinted.  They are a great fit for a hunting or tactical rifle and comes in .223, .308, Magnum, and .338 Lapua bolt faces.  Predator actions are silver receivers with black bolt and TAC actions are black receivers with black bolts