Returns Policy

Shurley Brothers Customs will accept returns via an RMA procuess which includes:

1.)  Stocks may be returned within 30 days in new and unused condition with a 15% restocking fee.  Stocks which have had customer performed inletting, bedding, or mounting of barreled actions are not considered in “new and unused condition” as the work was done by the customer.

2.)  Rifles maybe returned only for manufacturing defects only.  Rifles with manufacturing defects will be repaired at the cost of Shurley Brothers Customs and be returned to their owner directly.  No need to go through an FFL after the rifle has been registered.  Customers should inspect their firearm for defects while at their FFL location.  Once the firearm is registered with the ATF via form 4473 it is no longer returnable.  Customers wishing to sell with their firearms which are in good working order and build to the customers specifications maybe be repurchased by Shurley Brothers Customs at 50% of their retail price.  This option is solely up to the discretion of Shurley Brothers Customs.  Any other buy-back options or offers for firearms will be a the sole discretion of Shurley Brothers Customs.

3.)  Components:  Barrels and triggers may be returned within 30 days in new and unused condition with proper RMA return documentation.  Actions may not be returned once purchased.

4.)  Long Range Shooting School:  Space is limited.  Customers wisihing to release their spot in any class or school offered by Shurley Brothers Custom must send a signed document or PDF file to Shurley Brothers Customs via mail or email no later than 14 calendar days before the class begins.  If signed paperwork is received before the 14 days of the start of the class, the clients money will be refuned in full.  Failure to send in documentation before the 14 day deadline will result in a refund of only 25% of the total class or service fee.  Refund documentation recieved with only 7 days remaining before the class begins will not be permitted any refund of any kind.


Shurley Brothers Customs will ship a rifle or action (FFL required), stock, or component to any address in the lower 48 contiguous states.  Customers in Hawaii or Alaska will have to contact Shurley Brothers Customs to receive a custom shipping quote for their products.  

Shurley Brothers will only ship one stock or rifle per box.  We will not combine due to risk of breakage due to rough handling by the shipping companies.  As such all stocks and rifles have a per item shipping rate.  This covers all the value as well as insurance costs so the buyer doesn’t have to worry about a second charge for insurance later in the buying process.


Shurley Brothers Customs insures every package we ship for the full value of the invoice price.  We pass this cost on to you, the buyer, at the exact terms and prices that UPS charges us.  These charges are as follows:

  • Insurance for a shipment with an invoice cost of .01 – $100.00 = 0 insurance fee
  • Insurance for a shipment greater than $100.00 is a cost of .90 per $100.00 of total invoice
  • Example of break down:
    • Total invoice is $1000.00 with standard shipping being $40.00 giving us a grand total of $1040.00
    • UPS gives $100.00 of insurance free so we are calculating insurance on the remainding $940.00
    • Since its .90 per $100.00 we take 9.4 x .90 = $8.46 for insurance
    • Final Grand total is: $1048.46
  • A couple of totals and their applicable insurance rates:
    • $750.00 – $6.75
    • $5999.00 – $53.10 of insurance
    • $6999.00 – $62.10 of insurance
    • $9999.00 – $89.10 of insurance