Thumbhole 0008


Thumbhole 0008 Specifications

  • Woods: Walnut, Curly Maple with a tough of quilt figure, Lacewood with Walnut Tips
  • Length:  32-1/2 inches
  • Height:  5 inches
  • Width:   2 1/4 inches
  • Weight:  3.7 lbs

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Product Description

Thumbhole 0008

Heavy recoiling rifles have always been a by product of the large calibers shooting larger projectiles at extreme targets.  The thumbhole stock design offers multiple benefits to shooters in nearly every category. By adding the pistol grip and wrap around thumb design, these stocks allow for the shooter to control the rifle more precisely.  It also provides a more stable platform for situations that require a longer hold while the target moves into a more comfortable shooting position.  Thumbhole 0008 has all of these aspects, plus the beauty of elegant hardwood.

Thumbhole stocks also come with an array of options that the purchaser can select from.  Forearm shape, which has the most dynamic options, consists of Sporter, 2.25 inch or 2.5 inch Varminter, or 3 inch flat Benchrest styles. The length of pull, wood selection, and tips are just a few of the many other options that are buyer defined.  If you really would like to have a wild looking stock, just add more layers of your favorite wood combinations.  The thumbhole allows for these lamination to show through, and depending on the woods selected, this can be very striking.

Thumbhole 0008 is made from Walnut, Lightly Quilted Maple, and Lacewood with a Walnut tip.  It features a 2.25 inch rounded forearm without any tips or grip caps.  It is an extremely low key but beautiful stock with the figure in the walnut showing through just enough to make heads turn. This stock is not finished but does have a forearm tip installed.  Any other inlay work, checkering, or other customization is still possible.  Length of pull on the Thumbhole stocks is very close to the rest of our product line and is set at the 13-1/2 inch default.  It can be shortened by roughly one inch or extended to a length of pull of roughly 15 inches.

Additional Information

Weight 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 32.5 x 2.25 x 5 in


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