Sporter 0005


Sporter 0005 Specifications:

  • Ambrosia Maple with Walnut Stringers and Lacewood Center Lamination.  Walnut Forearm Tip
  • Flat-Top
  • Length:  31-3/4 inches
  • Width:  1-1/2 inches
  • Height:  5 inches
  • Weight:  2.75 lbs

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Product Description

Sporter 0005

The Sporter line of stocks was what got us started. The short of it is, our owner was always bothered by the fact that you he couldn’t get a stock to fit him perfectly when buying a new rifle, so he decided to make one.  The Sporter line of rifles from Shurley Brothers Custom Rifles and Stocks are a complete custom profile which bases fit, functionality, accuracy, and beauty above everything else. The unique lighter toned wood in Sporter 0005 is a perfect example of these traits

As mentioned before, Sporter stocks from Shurley Brothers are built with proper fitting in mind. This includes matching the forearm of the stock to the length of the barrel.  We believe the stock achieves the best balance when the stock is 50% of the total length of the barrel when installed into the action.  We also do custom cheek piece options for the Sporter line regularly.  Sporter’s typically come with no cheek, half cheek, or full Monte-Carlo cheek piece options but we can also use our CAD engineer to design something else if you have a special request.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to use if you have a medical condition that your stock needs to be built around.  We do this quite often and can give you the insight needed to build your dream stock.

Sporter 0005 features Ambrosia Maple with Walnut stringers, a Lacewood center lamination, Walnut forearm tip, and sports a standard cheek piece. It is unfinished so the potential buyer has the option of adding a grip cap, custom inlay work, or their name / initials without much increase in price. Sporter 0005 is engineered to use any of the Remington 700 based actions with diameters of 1.350″  to 1.400″.  This stock is too small for the 1.500″ actions or larger. It will also fit barrels that are up to a Krieger #6 contour.

Additional Information

Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 31.75 x 1.5 x 5 in


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