Spear of Destiny 0002



Spear of Destiny 0002 Specifications:

  • Wood:  Black Walnut with Curly Maple Center Lamination
  • Inlet:  Panda Short Action (SA)
  • Barrel Channel:  1.350″ Cut for 1.250″ Barrels
  • Carbon Fiber Stringers
  • Cooling Ports
  • Full Cheek Piece
  • Length:  34-1/2″
  • Width: 2.92″
  • Height: 4-3/4″
  • Weight: 3.35 lbs

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Product Description

Spear of Destiny 0002

The Spear of Destiny (SOD) stocks are a dual collaboration with hall of fame shooter Speedy Gonzalez.  They are intended for F-Class competition and are to typically be used with an adjustable butt system.  The forearm of the Spear of Destiny is longer than a Shurley Brothers Lowrider but the butt of the stock is up to as much as two inches shorter.  The butt of the stock also has two setup when it comes to cheek piece. The standard cheek is one of Speedy’s scoop designs.  It is designed to be a touch-indexing based cheek where the shooter puts just a fraction of his cheek on the rifle to find the center of the scope.  It is very similar to free recoil shooting in the benchrest discipline.  The other cheek option is a full cheek design.  This is the style you will want if you plan on shooting a scope with large rings where you may need to get higher up on the rifle to have a clean line of sight through the scope.  The forearms on SOD stocks are just under 3 inches. The official width for F-Class competition is 76 mm which is equal to 2.992 inches.  We typically cut them to 2.900 so the shooter can have the stock finished with clear coat or slick tape and still be under the limit set for F-Class. Spear of Destiny 0002 is Black Walnut with a Wenge center lamination.  It also has carbon fiber stringers, full cheek piece, cooling ports, and a 3/4 inch parallel bag rider.

The SOD stocks are also full of carbon fiber.  This aids in rigidity and strength.  Carbon fiber stringers run vertically through the stock and are intended to reduce flex during the firing of a round and to aid in straight tracking.  Carbon fiber tunnels, an option for additional charge is inlayed at the tip of the forearm and reduces twisting and torque when the stock is under load. Nearly all Spear of Destiny stocks are cut with barrel channels cut for 1.250″ barrels and larger inlets for actions over 1.500″ as these actions are typically desired to help reach the weight limit of 22 pounds for F-Class competition.  Of course, smaller actions and tapered barrels can also be used.


Additional Information

Weight 3.35 lbs
Dimensions 34.5 x 2.92 x 4.75 in


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