Lowrider XL 0001


Lowrider XL 0001 Specifications

  • Wood:  Purple Rutland Laminate
  • Inlet:  Flat Top
  • Length:  34-1/2″
  • Width:  3″
  • Height:  5″
  • Weight:  4.4 lbs

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Product Description

Lowrider XL 0001

Differing slightly from our standard Lowrider, the Lowrider XL series is designed to be used with actions that are larger than 1.470″.  This is the stock for anyone using the larger diameter actions from makers like BAT Machine, Borden, or Kelbly.  The Lowrider XL features a beefed up tang area and a pistol grip that is much more vertical to allow for this added tang material.  Outside of these two changes, the Lowrider XL 0001 is very much like its little brother.

Lowrider XL series of stocks feature 3 inch forearms and are typically set at 13-1/2 inch length of pull.  This length of pull can be reduced to roughly 12 inches or extended to as much as 15-1/2 if the shooter uses adjustable butt hardware. For the butt pad the Lowrider XL 0001 is ready to accept any pad from any manufacturer.  It will just need to be ground to fit the 5″ butt stock for precise fit.  As with all Lowrider stocks the Lowrider XL is engineer for straight and true tracking in the bags with near zero torque if inletted and bedded properly by a competent gunsmith.

Lowrider XL 0001 is a purple flat top, roughly 95% finish sanded, made of rutland laminate from Cousineau Wood Products.  We have taken their purple blank, cut it to our XL pattern via our CNC, pore filled it, then finish sanded the stock to make it as beautiful as it is strong. Perfect stock for anyone who is a fan of purple.  The color is extremely vibrant. Lowrider XL 0001 will require full inlet, bedding, fit and finish by a your gunsmith of choice. The toe of this stock features a bag hook cut out with 1/2″ parallel bag riding groove.  The bag rider groove does step up to over 3/4 inches which makes it a very nice choice for shooters using a tapered rear bag.

As for a barrel inlet – we cut and highly recommend a 1.350″ barrel channel regardless of the barrel size that you wish to shoot.  The over sized channel will greatly increase cooling which will aid competition shooters or varmint hunters greatly.

Additional Information

Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 34.5 x 3 x 5 in


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