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Lowrider 0013



Lowrider 0013 Specifications:

  • Woods: Walnut with Curly Maple wings and center lamination
  • Inlet:  Remington 700
  • Length:  34-1/2 inches
  • Height:  5 inches
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Weight:  3.30 lbs

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Product Description

Lowrider 0013

Lowrider 0013 is a Shurley Brothers Competition Lowrider stock available for sale.  It features a three inch forearm, 3/4 inch parallel toe without bag hook, but no cooling ports or carbon fiber.  This stock is also dressed in 5 layers of figured Walnut with Curly Maple wings and center lamination.  For a butt pad, Lowrider 0013 is prepped to accept any of the recoil pads available today.  The pad will just need to be ground to fit the stock.  As with all Lowrider stocks, this item is engineered for straight and true tracking in the bags with nearly zero torque if inletted and bedded properly. Length of pull, while easily customizable, is set up at our default 13-1/2 inches.  Typically without the use of adjustable butt hardware our length of pull can be adjusted to 12 inches to 14-1/2 inches.  If you need a longer length of pull for prone shooting we recommend using an adjustable system.

This is a Remington 700 inletted stock which is 95% finished.  Some very light finish sanding may be required.  Requires full inlet, bedding, fit and finish by competent gunsmith. If bedding the tang, Lowrider 0013 should be used with actions that have diameters of no more than 1.470″.  Using actions 1.500″ or larger, the customer would run the risk of having a rear tang area with minimal wood support behind the tang area for bedding before the pistol grip begins to slope away.  If you have a 1.500″ or larger action, we recommend our Lowrider XL stocks.  The Lowrider XL stocks can be found at our Lowrider XL product category pages found HERE.

As for barrel inlets, we typically cut all Lowrider stocks with a 1.350″ barrel channel. This extra room in the barrel channel will aid cooling for competition and varmint shooters substantially.  If you desire to have a contoured barrel channel, we will need to have your barreled action in hand to ensure the best and most uniform fit and finish.

Photos show stocks with one coat of oil just to bring out the finish.


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