BAT Model B – 1.500″ Action

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  • BAT Machine
  • Model B
  • Right Bolt, Left Port
  • Diamond Fluted Bolt
  • 1.500″ Diameter
  • .308 Bolt Face
  • 20 MOA Picatinny Rail
  • Gently Used

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Product Description

BAT Model B Actions

The BAT Model B is one of the most popular actions in the world.  It is a medium length action that works very well for all calibers from .223 to .338 Lapua Mag.  The Model B has various size configurations, shapes, and port layouts.  The B is 7.565 inches long and the starting weight is 33 oz.  Most BAT actions in the medium and small size ranges feature a grooved area in the bottom of the action that acts as a recoil lug.  This lug is adequate for all calibers up to .308.  If you would like to shoot a magnum caliber or something larger than .308, it is recommended that you add a recoil lug to your build.

BAT Machine actions come in either Chrome Moly or Stainless Steel.  The stainless actions are typically of a medium matte finish while the chrome moly actions are a dark blue / black receiver and a silver bolt. This light and dark combination can be very sharp depending on your stock choice.  The bolts can come with no fluting, spiral fluting or diamond fluting and are completely customizable by the shopper at time of order.

They take any trigger based on the Remington 700 profile such as the awesome Jewell Triggers from Texas.  There are also multiple options of picatinny rails available for BAT Actions.  From the 0 MOA all the way to the 40 MOA, you will be able to land on target no matter what your distance.


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