Lowrider Stocks

Shurley Brothers created the Lowrider stock with the intention of creating the best long range shooting stock on the market and a damn good looking one to boot.  We build all of our stocks out of luxurious hardwoods from around the world and the Lowrider is no different.  Whether you want Curly Maple, Turkish Maple, Wenge, Bubinga, Pecan, or many others we can source it for you if we don’t have it already in stock.

The Lowrider forearm is cut to two specifications, either three inches, or just under 76 mm (2.92 inches) for the competition shooters where 76 mm is the maximum forearm width.  Lengths of the stocks are dependent on the length of pull the customer orders as well as any optional adjustable hardware that may be installed.

The toe section of the butt stocks come in three variants.  First and our most popular is the 3/4″ flat parallel bottom which is parallel to the bottom of the forearm for enhanced tracking.  Second, is the bag rider cut out which features a step down to 1/2″ and is also parallel to the forearm.  This option is a good choice for people who shoot different sized bags in different shooting applications. The third and final option is an iteration of the first and is a 1/2″ flat parallel toe.


Various hardwoods are used by Shurley Brothers in the making of stocks.  Some of our most popular color patters are Walnut & Wenge, Maple & Walnut, or Pecan & Mesquite.


Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials in the world while still maintaining an extremely light weight.  We offer carbon fiber in every stock we make to ensure than a customer can build a stock that will stand the test of time.

On Target

Designed for long range, the Lowrider design with its low center of gravity and true tracking is the pinnacle for accuracy at extreme ranges.  Regardless of the application

Lowrider Stock Examples

In the gallery below you will find several examples of our Lowrider competition stocks in various wood patterns.


Here you can see the lamination process set in one of our stocks.  This stock is a 5 layer laminate making the competition stock extremely strong.

Padauk & Maple

To your right is a Lowrider made out of North American Maple and African Padauk.  The Padauk has a deep red color which is very unique.

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