Lowrider XL Stocks

Very similar to our standard Lowrider, the Lowrider XL stock is engineered for actions that are 1.500″ or larger in diameter.  Due to the recent desire among competition shooters to fully bed the tang of their actions, the standard Lowrider had to be re-engineered to accommodate this.

This larger tang forced us to reshape the pistol grip area of our stock which resulted in a a more upright hand position when firing your rifle.  This position is much more natural for shooters who shoot “free recoil” or any other shooting form that requires very little engagement from the trigger hand.

Vertical Pistol Grip

Slightly more vertical pistol grip for easier handling during match situations for competitors shooting free recoil.

Key Elements

The XL features a drop down low center of gravity to aid in true tracking with limited barrel jump.  Lowrider XL’s made after January 20, 2016 will come standard with Carbon Fiber Stringers to aid with strength, rigidity, and torque.


The Lowrider XL is intended, designed, and engineered for competition shooters. Every detail as been studied and perfected to allow for the competition shooter to shoot the best group they are capable of.  If you do your job, the stock will not fail you.

Lowrider XL Examples

Below you will see some examples of the Lowrider XL dress in some beautiful hardwoods of various species.  Walnut and Wenge is the most popular combination to this date. However, if you would like advise on a particular look for your stock – feel free to call us to discuss.

Figured Black Walnut

Here you can see some very nice crotch figure within the Black Walnut used in this customers stock.

Maple Heartwood

On this stock you can see the Maple Heartwood that is starting to show out.  After several layers of oil and some sanding this stock will show a lot of character.

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