Borden Actions

Borden Accuracy husband and wife team of Jim and Joan Borden, along with their staff, have been making actions full time in Pennsylvania since the mid 1990’s.  Jim is a very accomplished shooter with Hall of Fame Induction in 1997.  He is a registered mechanical engineer, engineering instructor, and machinist.  Jim knows how actions are supposed to function and the most accurate way to build them.

Borden Actions and rifles have set over 100 World Records and National Championships.  The Borden facility pioneered many of the techniques that the industry now considered standard.  If your gunsmith “dials in” their barrels for the most accurate chambering, that was a byproduct of the research and development at Borden Accuracy.

Repeater actions are:  Alpine, Timberline, LSR (long action) and SSR (short action).  The LSR and SSR differ from the Alpine and Timberline actions in the fact that they have the “Borden Bumps” feature on the bolt.

Single Shot Actions are:  Rimrock BR, Rimrock BRM, Rimrock, BRL, Rimrock B, Rimrock BRMXD, and Rimrock BMF.

If you would like to read more about Borden Accuracy and their actions feel free to click HERE to visit their site.

  • Concentric threads (1 1/6×18 TPI)
  • Perpendicular boltface (within .0002)
  • Perpendicular locking lugs
  • Perpendicular action face
  • The actions feature the patented “Borden Bumps” that result in a very close bolt body to action bore fit when the bolt is closed ( <.001″ diametral clearance)
  • Holes for scope bases are milled and thread milled 8 x 40 (versus drill and tap) and are in line with action bore. Thread milling results in snug threads that are concentric to the hole.
  • Rimrock BR, Rimrock BRM, Rimrock BRMXD, Rimrock BRL, Rimrock B Models feature removable trigger carriers as the standard trigger attachment system
  • Hardened and ground pinned recoil lugs are available as an option. we have two models-a single through pinned model and a blind double pinned model
  • Action bodies are 416 Stainless Steel hardened to 38 to 40 Rc
  • Chrome Moly Action bodies are available as an option in some models
  • All Bolts are currently manufactured in one piece body with brazed on handle. Bolts are made from Heat treated 4142. Bolts are annealled and hardened to 44 to 46 Rc after primary machining. Final grinding and machininig is done in full hardened state.
  • Rimrock BR, Rimrock BRM, Rimrock BRMXD, Rimrock BRL Models are single shot and are available RBLP, RBRP, LBLP, LBRP, RBLP Right Eject, LBRP Left Eject
  • Rimrock B is single shot and is available RBLP; RBLPRE; RBRP
  • Models SSR and LSR are designed to fit Rem 700 Stock inlet and are for Light Hunting rifles and Hunter BR rifles.
  • Models SSR and LSR are available RBRP; RBLP, LBLP and LBRP and are available as repeaters or single shot
  • Sako style extractor is standard
  • M-16 style extractor available on 308 and magnum boltface bolts at no extra charge

Borden Bumps

Borden Bumps are a proprietary bolt design that allows for the clearance of the bolt when in battery position to be have less than .001″ clearance. The Borden bumps are standard on all benchrest actions and the LSR / SSR Remington 700 drop in actions.

Key Features

Along with the Borden Bumps, actions from Borden Accuracy have other great features like properly timed bolts and triggers, actions finished ground in their final hardened state, and the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Shooters Choice

Long held as a staple component in the benchrest world, Borden actions are gaining a strong footing in the FTR, F-Class, and Tactical competitions.  Of course, their hunting actions, Alpine and Timberline series, are truly works of art for smooth operation and consistent feeding of even the shorter, fatter cases

Borden Action Photos

Below are several photos of actions from the folks at Borden Accuracy.  They feature some of the finest in benchrest and hunting actions in various lengths and port configurations.

Long Actions

The Borden Timberline, shown here, is a wonderful platform for anyone wishing to build a custom rifle off of a cailber that has a very long overall length.  If you are a 30-06, 25-06, 7 STW, or similar shooter, the Timberline is your ticket.

Polished Alpine

The Alpine series of actions, shown here, are perfect for the shorter cases that are currently so popular today.  It can be fit as a .223, .308, or magnum bolt face and is capable of cycling the 300 WSM cases reliably.  If you are going to build a 300 WSM on the Alpine be sure to order the Wyatt box so you have enough length to handle the case correctly.