BAT Actions


Manufacturing out of Rathdrum, Idaho, BAT Machine produces one of the finest actions in the world.  The action recievers begin as either 17-4 stainless or 4140 Chrome Moly.  Stainless actions are pre-hardened to 36-38 Rockwell before initial action manufacturing begins. BAT bolt bodies are hardened to 40-44 Rockwell providing a nice hard surface on which to support the firing of a loaded round.

While BAT Machine primarily makes single shot actions, they do offer two models for the hunting crowd:  VR and HR.  Both of these actions are highly regarded throughout the industry and we here at Shurley Brothers highly recommend them.

Action scope mount holes are 8-40 thread while the action tenon measure 1-1/16″ x 18 TPI.

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Actions in the same family have interchangeable bolts.  If you own a BAT B and want both a .223 and .308 bolt face…just order 2 bolts.  They will be concentric and can be used in a switch barrel setup easily.

Key Elements

Hardened steel, gorgeous finish work, deadly accuracy, what else could you possibly want from a world class action?

Target Audience

BAT Machine has an action for you regardless of the discipline.  From benchrest to hunting repeaters, there is something that will fit your needs nicely.  Call today to discuss.

BAT's Website

If you would like to find out more about what BAT Machine has to offer, just click the button below and you will be redirect to their homepage.

Length, Diameter, and Options

BAT actions come in various lengths and diameters.  From the standard 1.350″ diameter to the 1.750″ monsters, there is a BAT action that will help you achieve the weight you need for your shooting discipline.  Several actions also come with some more advanced options that may be selected.  Roller bearing cocking piece, integral recoil lugs and rails, and surface finish allow you to customize your actions even further.

Full Line of BAT Actions.

For those wondering what the BAT Machine family of actions looks like compared to each other, you can find that below.  From the base line BAT SV all the way up to the BAT EX, all of the BAT actions are beautiful as well as accurate.

Model S

The BAT S is a short action that can be fitted with more options than the BAT SV.  It can also use a magnum bolt face and corresponding port for a WSM rifle.

Model B

The BAT B is one of BAT’s most versatile actions.  It can be used for both short and long applications, multiple dual port length options, and various action diameters from 1.350″ to 1.750″.

BAT Makes A Repeater Too!

The BAT Machine HR and VR Models are company’s sole products for the shooter who requires a repeating action.  As with all BAT Machine actions, their metal work is top notch and you will be hard pressed to find a better action anywhere.