Our Story

Shurley Brothers came into being in early 2005 after Tommy, our owner, studied the art of stock making under Mr. Million of Warsaw, Missouri. Then, in late 2008, Tommy started his gunsmithing training with Richard Franklin of Vinton, Va.  Upon completion of that training Tommy and Richard reached an agreement for Tommy to aquire the rights to all of Richards stocks and rifle smith business, allowing for Richard to retire.

From there the business made an evolution as our knowledge and technologies began to improve the former Franklin-era designs.  Today we use CAD programing, along with CNC mills, in our brand new facility in Austin, TX, to accurately and quickly achieve a custom stock pattern to any customer preference. We moved to central Texas because it become very clear to us that central Texas is “shooter country.”  We looked at the winners of various national championships in the shooting sports and it was unbelievable how many national champs come from Texas.

Our stocks are now symetrical and parallel on all sides with several options available to the customer in terms of their preferences as to how a stock should track or feel.

Our finish work is second to none.  We employee several people in our production facility with dedicated jobs to increase productivity and quality of work.  This same mentality transfers over to our metal work as well.  We have several trained gunsmiths in house as well as fitters, bedders, and precision reloaders on staff.

This customizable process and accuracy allows us to provide the very best in customer satisfaction guarantees and return policies in the industry.